Tocantins Advogados serves its clients internationally through its own resources of experienced international counsel and also through its affiliation with global legal groups with whom we work regularly to deliver prompt and immediate results for companies seeking assistance in our region and worldwide.

Tocantins Advogados is a member of the following :


Transatlantic Law International (‘TALI’)  is a global legal service provider with over a decade’s track record of success providing business law services across a wide range of disciplines to multinationals and investors seeking growth or restructuring worldwide. TALI provides integrated legal services across a wide range of disciplines in over 80 countries with more than 3500 counsel from leading independent firms working together on a global regional and local level to deliver cost effective solutions worldwide through an innovative service platform from a client driven, results oriented perspective.


Labor Law Plus™ is a dynamic global labor and employment law service, providing multinationals and growing companies and investors global L&E law solutions, plus complete business law support, in more than 80 countries, supported by dedicated teams of expert counsel from affiliated independent law firms, in every major region and in all key cities, delivering cost effective solutions worldwide.